Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work those hips

I get physical therapy about 3x a week and they sent me over the hardest PT person they have I was told. Which is great for me because that means the sooner I can get back to regular walking minus the walker! So lets see what the worse exercise is, could it be the lying down leg lifts with leg weights? Maybe it is the calf lifts. No no I think the worse are the squats!! The down and up with the legs....ughhhh. It hurts me right now thinking about it. But the hip flexors are weak and they need to get stronger so this is the way to do it. And of course to round it all up is to get that daily walk:it pulls all the exercises together. For all of you all gym heads you know about all these exercises and more and know that I so miss doing all this stuff at the actually gym and doing real workouts but all in time. Soon enough I will be back in spinning class sweating like I'm in the shower (yeah that's gross...but its intense!)

SQUATS done right:


Ron said...

Gail -

I think you look great! Soon, you'll be jamming at spin class and people will be yelling at you to "SLOW DOWN WOMAN!!!!"

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Best of wishes,

Ron Z

Brenda Odovichuc said...

I check your blog just about every day! I was having problems with strength in my legs as well - I feel for you. But slowly and surely they are working better each day.
Feel free to e-mail me directly at It would be nice to have someone to 'chat' with who knows what it feels like to go through this.

Darlene said...

Thanks so much for updating via the blog! So you're back to 2 hour workouts! I'm ready to see those guns & your booty come back :) Love you!

Hyma said...

Yes squats are the worse never liked them still don't like them never will like them... I can imagine you during PT talking about "man up" :) You are still a "gym head"... luv yah