Friday, March 20, 2009

Time for some good news

As you know I had radiation for 15 days late Jan/early Feb because of several lesions that they found in my brain. Well I had the MRI done today and met with the doctor to go over the results and next steps. So the results were...wait for it.....

Out of the MANY lesions that covered the brain (his words) the majority of them are gone now and the three that are left are substantially smaller...we talking less than 1cm!! And he showed me the brain scans so I saw those stink spots with my own eyes. So now I can exhale and stop thinking that every little headache I got was another tumor growing! Another example of how God is soooo good to me and is taking care of every aspect in my life. Words can't even express my gratitude. Let me tell you all, you can never give up even when things look like they are at their worst because God is always in control and he knows whats best even when you are wondering on what his plan could be.

So given that the radiation is still working, I don't get another brain scan for another 3 months. So now that the brain seems to be in good condition, I think my oncologist will hold off any new chemo until my next review of the liver in 5 weeks. So as aways (it seems) I am waiting on more scans to see what my next next steps are. But for now I am moving back to the Delaware apartment hunt and the hunt for a "fantabulous" wig to cover this coconut head.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Results and more waiting

Today was the day for scans to see if there had been any recurrence of the cancer. I did a bone scan and a CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. And the results are....well mixed. The bones are "stable" so that means there is no change, which is good. The chest was also clear. And then there was the liver. So the last time I had scans, it showed that there were only a few very small (less than 1cm in size) lesions still in the liver, but because there were so small and so few I was able to go on a break from chemo. This time around, in addition to those lesions, the tests also showed a few additional ones that were even smaller in size: less than 1mm in size. So one of two things happened: either these spots were there the last time but the machine didn't pick them up or they are truly new growths. The official report says: "Mild disease progression with several new subcentimeter hepatic lesions"...I mean why they can't just speak English!

So next steps...well we moved up my next ct scan to 6 weeks from now so we can keep an eye on these spots and see if they are growing. If they are then we can talk about therapy at that time...I was told that I would be on some different chemo drugs than I was before....lets hope for less puking please!!

The next BIG thing is the MRI of the brain that I will be getting next Friday (3/20) If those tests are clear then we are clear until the next CT scan. If they are not, then it will be back on treatment to take care of the brain and these small lesions. So once again we are back to waiting to see what happens. The only one that knows what's next now is God as he holds all things in his hand. So I will just fall in place and take what he gives me...which I know whatever it is is for the best. HOWEVER sometimes you can't just help but get a little scared. But no worries...I will man up in time! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

When it Rains

I have been blessed to have my aunt up here with me taking care of me. And yes I have been relishing in not having to cook and getting food brought to me...who can ask for anything better than that. Well, recently my aunt started to feel under the weather and it ended up escalating to us going to the hospital and emergency surgery. But no worries, all is well, and she is currently recuperating as we speak. But it does push the point on why does it seem that everything happens at one time. Just when you think you have a break, something else happens which leaves you again having to cling to God to get strength to get through it. But maybe that is the plan! Through our lives we are bound to have ups and downs, and sometimes more downs it seems. But that is what will build our character and help us in our christian walk (if you are a christian). Sometimes things need to get real bad (in our minds) to help to lean on the one person that can really help us. Hence I try not to think about my situation too much and just focus on other things because it could always be worse. and no matter what I am still blessed.