Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hit the Ground

Well as I always say that if it isn't' one thing its another and again that has not changed. I have recently come to find out another great side effect of the steroids that I am on: extensive lower body weakness!! So basically I would say I have lost about 50% of my strength of my lower body strength..all my leg strength. I physically have to move my legs to get them started now and make sure I grease them up to keep them going. I have also had the wonderful experience of having my knees just give away and end up on the floor. The worse part is that once I am on the ground I can't get back up at all...its as if the legs totally turn to lead at that point and don't want to move. So I need assistance to get all the way back up in order to walk again.

So Dexamethasone strikes again with its effects. I am just hoping at some point I can start to ween off the drugs and gain back some strength.

What needs to happen is CANCER OUT THE BRAIN!! So lets keep praying and focusing on God's will to see what happens. He has and will always be in control and his will be done! Maybe this Telador will be the drug that makes it happen.

In the interim lets see what physical therapy and Wii fitness can do to help regain strength!! Go Yoga and Strength Training!! You actually get a good work out from it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets go Temodar Lets go!

I will be starting the new drug this week. Time for some Temodar! So as I stated before this is a brain tumor chemo that I'm trying to see if it can improve the brain situation. But we know its all in God's hands and what best hands can we be in!!! Thanks for all the prayers from everyone as well.

Even though I don't want to, I will add a picture just so you all can see the ever expanding cheek bones. I didn't' realize that they had gotten so big. I guess you don't realize unless you take a picture and really have a look. Its one thing when you are sick and you know how you feel inside, but when its right there in front your face it takes on a whole new meaning. I try not to focus on the outside appearance because what are we but dust to the earth right? But human nature takes over and its like man what can I do to make it better. I have to stay on the steroids so I have to deal with these side effects the best I know how, but doesn't make it any easier. So if anyone has the bomb makeup suggestions to reduce my double chin and cheeks send it my way!! And also for the gutt as well because the steriods increase appetite and apparently fat as well!! So I will try on my part to try and stay active but again it is difficult when your entire body has just metamorpized into something Shrek like! I am now princess Fiona.

By the way...any one need a 3 month supply of Tykerb and Xeloda chemo drugs contact me for clearance sale! LOL I have like 2 months of this stuff and it will just go to waste. Such a shame and waste of product and money!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

NO Clinical Trial For me!

Always exciting news from Akron Oh! So turns out that I coudn't do the clinical trial after all. Apparently my platelets are way to low and I would have to get transfusions like each time to bring them up just so they are up to standards for me to even take the treatment. So given that and that this is a powerful drug we decided that we will not be moving forward with that. So whats next you might ask? Who knows! I will continue to get Herceptin and Zomeda so that should help keep the other organs stable and Zomeda is the bone strengthner.

There is this one brain tumor drug called Temodar that we plan to try...pending on insurance because it is very expensive. The kicker about this drug is that it is a brain cancer drug, it is not a drug for breast cancer that has gone in the brain. So its different than the drugs before hence insurance will look at it a little closer. But it has shown to cross the blood/brain barrier so there is hope that it might do something. And also it is not as toxic as the clinical trial drug so that gives some comfort. The big side effect for this one is constipation...so the oppsoite effect of what the clinical trial side effects would have been. It is 5 pills...take 1 each day for 5 days then like 3 weeks off...so dosage is good too. So we will see if I get on this chemo drug. But for now its status quo with just a daily dose of prayers to the Lord as the medicine of the day!