Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final results- Chemo Break

Okay. So everyone should know by now that last week I had tests to see how the treatment was battling the cancer. So on the 19th I had my meeting with the doctor to get the full results. So it seems that there are only a few small spots of cancer left in my liver. They didn't give a number this time but the doctor reiterated that there are only a few left. My bones have stayed "stable" so that means that they haven't gotten any better or worse...just status quo. So the doctor's suggestion is for me to take a break from chemo. So that is the plan. As of right now I am on a chemo therapy break. Of course depending on the results of future scans is how long my break will be. So lets see how long it will take for this chemo to get out of my system so I can start feeling "normal" again. I pray that it happens sooner than later!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That itch you can't scratch

I know that I have detailed some of the side effects that chemo therapy gives. But this one effect lately has been just kicking my butt: the itching/burning/stinging on my hands and feet. I'm not sure what starts it up (sometimes after bathing it is horrible) but this junk just comes on with a fury and it continues for a long time until after alot of lotion and rubbing and praying it slowly dies down. Apparently this along with my numb toes are a nervous system reaction to the chemo so as the chemo gets out of my body these symptoms will slowly go away, even though it might take months! I tell you, chemo is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Preliminary Results

I got a call from the nurse with the preliminary results from my most recent tests. And so far the news looks good. My bones are "stable" and the liver shows more improvement. Stable means that there was no change from the last scan; no improvement, but it didn't get any worse so that is always a blessing. I will have the final results for you all next week as soon as I get them. Hopefully that is when I will also find out whether I can take a break from chemo therapy. Seeing that I have been getting more and more side effects from the chemo I think the break would do the body good. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Today might be the last

No I am not committing suicide tonight and not trying to be cryptic with the title of this blog. Today might have been the last chemo therapy session that I get for a while. On Wed. December 10th I get my second set of scans/tests. Based on those results, I may be able to take a break off of chemo for a while. I think a break will be just what I need physically and least that is what I have been told. Of course I agree, but of course sometimes doubt does enter in with thoughts like 'what if you get worse while you are off chemo?'. But I can't dwell on those thoughts because first I would drive myself crazy and more importantly there is no way that God would have brought me this far and just leave me in the dust. Also I have been trying to think on how good I will feel once the chemo is out of my system. I really don't remember how it is to be off of chemo, but I know I will feel alot better in time. So the gym will see me again soon enough! I'm coming back spinning class...look out!