Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hair everywhere...except where you want it!

The new pics shows that I found a cute hair do that I like and I've been wearing it and getting compliments so that's great. (I actually went out a few times to more than the dr.'s office so that's always great to get a break from the apartment!!) But of course underneath the hair is the baldness that still sticks out as an example that girl you have cancer...and your body is still fighting it. Its like you know you have the disease, but when you have such an obvious example right in front of you its hard to forget!

Ok so being bald...yes its a side effect of the chemo and the radiation that I have had. But why is it now that hair is growing EVERYPLACE else except my head!!! I never had hair to shave on my legs or just random bush growing in certain body parts...until now. I find this crazy and a little amusing. Of course my more hairy friends tell me get a razor and get over it. But still its like man, lets transfer some of this hair growth to the bald dome and get that started! But I think I did see a few strands the other day and someone mentioned that I have one patch of hair in the its making a comeback! Lets just see how long it takes!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Full Spine MRI Results

My doc called me with the updates of my full spine MRI and I guess results weren't too horrible. If you think way back to my initial diagnosis, at that time I had a fracture in my lower lumber and several compressed discs and had to get radiation to kill out some of that cancer and heal the fracture. I still have compressed discs and some other things going on in the lower back (some arthritis as well?) but apparently those items have been there for a while. Hence my 3 inch height reduction...yes I am finally coming to terms that I now am barely 5'4 inches vs. the 5'7 I use to be.

So what they did see is a new spot in the T9 area which is the thoracic spine. Its a small spot, I think 3mm, but it is in the actual spinal cord which is not good. So yeah it is not good news, but at least it's one spot. For now I am not really feeling any additional pain from that spot so we will just observe that area and pray that the new chemo will clear up this spot along with everything in the brain and continue to keep the liver stable. And let me give a shot out to my pain meds for my back because they sure do keep me going. I will now go back to admiring the pair of flat sandals that I bought today...I think this is the first pair of flat shoes that I have bought in years!! Can you heels? flats? This is definitely a year of change for me! :)