Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting on Schedule

As you may know I am currently on a break from the chemo therapy and really just waiting for my next set of scans in March. So now that I am back to working from home, I have been trying to get back to some sort of normal by trying to get on a schedule. So far I have been failing big time! So far the only thing that I do regularly is wake up, open the laptop and log into work. After that my wonderful auntie will bring me some tea with breakfast and then its work work with cnn or soaps in the background. One of the things about working from home means that you can work all the I know co-workers must wonder what's going on when they receive emails at 2 in the morning! Oh well...just trump it up to dedication. But I know that is not healthy to stay up that late night after night...and I know I have to get myself back on track to normal hours so I can start to get on a routine. If not, then I will be looking to take naps in my cube during the day...don't think that will be acceptable at work!

Friday, February 13, 2009

GI Jane is Back

One of the effects of radiation is hair loss...but unlike chemo that makes you loose all your hair..everywhere...radiation makes it fall out in patches based on where you had the treatment. Given that I just had treatment to the brain, the patchy hair is all on my head! So it was time to have another interaction with the razors and go bald again. At least this time there is still peach fuzz left...the dome isn't as shiny as it was the first time. So lets see what hair texture I end up with in a few months...I say back to "kinks"! Oh by the way, with the bald head I have to photograph with the glasses...make me look more presentable!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hurry up and wait

Its been a week since my last radiation treatment and the reduction of steroids has begun! So I am slowly waiting for the "moon face" to go down and for the body to stabilize back to pre-steroids form. Even though it will be interesting to go back to the pre-steroids body, because I wasn't in that for so long either.

The body has been going through it seems like a constant change....very sick, to chemo, to some recovery, to radiation, to now hopefully more recovery. So right now I am down to "maintenance" that I have scheduled every 3 weeks. My next set of scans aren't until March 12. So I have alot of time to wait around to see if I am getting better or not. And the wait itself is horrible! Because any little feeling that doesn't seem right makes me think that things may be going down hill again...was that a pain in the stomach? oh no its spread...wait was that a headache? oh no its still in the brain...wait, did my eyesight just get blurry?

But you know that is a part of recovery I assume. That's when you have to have the faith that everything will get better!